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Set of 3 Hand Woven Natural Rattan Wall Decorations

€10,00 €18,00

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Add a touch of natural beauty to your home with this set of 3 Hand Woven Natural Rattan Wall Decorations from Landa Concept. These elegant and unique wall decorations are handmade from natural rattan, providing a warm and earthy feel to any room. Hang them together or separately to create a stunning display. They are easy to install and are sure to be a focal point of your interior decor. Shop now and bring the charm of handcrafted rattan into your living space!

SET of 3
A : Diameter: 26 - 28 cm / 10" = 1 piece
B : Diameter: 19 - 20 cm / 8" = 1 piece
C : Diameter: 9 - 11 cm / 4 "= 1 piece

Handmade items may exhibit slight variations in size, shape, and color due to their unique, handmade nature.

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