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Handmade Basket of Natural Fiber and Cotton - Versatile Storage or Planter


Experience the boho bliss with our handcrafted basket, meticulously woven from natural fiber and cotton. This exquisite creation captures the essence of skilled craftsmanship. Enhanced with charming pompom accents in warm brown tones, it radiates a whimsical and playful charm that perfectly complements its rustic allure. This versatile piece effortlessly transitions between a functional storage solution and a captivating planter, breathing life and beauty into every nook of your space. Each intricately handwoven detail reflects the artistry and joy imbued within, making it a truly unique and captivating addition to your home decor. Immerse yourself in the pompom paradise and revel in the harmonious fusion of style, functionality, and enjoyment offered by our artisanal basket.

Product details :
Diameter : 25 cm / 9.8"
Height : 26 cm / 10.3"

Handmade items may exhibit slight variations in size, shape, and color due to their unique, handmade nature.