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Dried Phalaris - Green - 50 stems


Step into the verdant world of Green Dried Phalaris, a lively and enchanting home decor piece that seamlessly brings the beauty of nature into your living space. These carefully selected Phalaris stems, naturally dried to preserve their vibrant green hue, infuse your surroundings with a captivating rustic charm. These enduring wonders open the door to endless creative possibilities, whether you're crafting stunning arrangements for special occasions or adding a touch of everyday magic to your living areas. Elevate your interior design with the timeless allure of this botanical masterpiece, and allow your creativity to bloom in the soothing embrace of green.

Product details :
Packaging : 50 stems
Length : 50 - 60 cm / 19.7" - 23.6"

Dried flowers from our shop are 100% natural and naturally air-dried. Some may have natural color variations, while others are colored using food colorants. Some items may also have a light scent. Due to the nature of our products, slight variations in size, shape, color intensity, and imperfections may occur.