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Dried Oat - White - 80g


Revel in the refined charm of Dried Oat in White, also known as Avena. These meticulously dried oat stems bring a touch of natural elegance to any space. Ideal for home decor, crafting, and adding a unique touch to floral arrangements. Embrace the versatility of Dried Oat, whether showcased individually or blended creatively. Elevate your interior design with the tranquil, neutral tones of Avena, infusing your environment with organic allure. Explore boundless creative possibilities and let Dried Oat in White take center stage in your imaginative endeavors.

Product details :
Packaging : 80g
Length : 40-55 cm / 15.7"-21.7"

Dried flowers from our shop are 100% natural and naturally air-dried. Some may have natural color variations, while others are colored using food colorants. Some items may also have a light scent. Due to the nature of our products, slight variations in size, shape, color intensity, and imperfections may occur.