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Dried Oat - Emerald Green - 80g


Indulge in the lush elegance of Dried Oat in Emerald Green, also known as Avena. These expertly dried oat stems exude a sense of natural sophistication, perfect for enhancing any environment. Ideal for home decor, crafting projects, and adding a distinct touch to floral compositions. Embrace the versatility of Dried Oat, whether displayed as a standalone piece or creatively integrated. Transform your interior design with the vibrant, rich tones of Emerald Green Avena, infusing your space with an organic, luxurious charm. Dive into a world of endless creative possibilities, and let Dried Oat in Emerald Green become the focal point of your artistic expressions.

Product details :
Packaging : 80g
Length : 40-55 cm / 15.7"-21.7"

Dried flowers from our shop are 100% natural and naturally air-dried. Some may have natural color variations, while others are colored using food colorants. Some items may also have a light scent. Due to the nature of our products, slight variations in size, shape, color intensity, and imperfections may occur.