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Dried Broom Bloom - Vintage Yellow - 100g


Immerse yourself in the captivating world of our Dried Broom Bloom in Vintage Yellow! Each stem carries nature's artistry, infusing your space with vibrant elegance. The vintage yellow hue radiates warmth and charisma, perfect for crafting arrangements that tell stories, adorning spaces with timeless charm, and creating centerpieces that capture attention. Embrace the enchanting allure of Dried Broom Bloom in Vintage Yellow and let your imagination take flight. Transform your surroundings into a haven where vibrant beauty and artistic expression intertwine harmoniously.

Product details :
Length : 40-55 cm / 15.7"-21.7"
Weight : 100 g

Dried flowers from our shop are 100% natural and naturally air-dried. Some may have natural color variations, while others are colored using food colorants. Some items may also have a light scent. Due to the nature of our products, slight variations in size, shape, color intensity, and imperfections may occur.