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Preserved Olive Branches : The Perfect Addition to Your Wedding

Weddings in France are a beautiful celebration of love, steeped in rich cultural traditions. One of the most significant elements of a traditional French wedding is the use of olive branches, which have been a symbol of love and peace since ancient times. As French weddings continue to evolve, many couples are now opting for preserved olive branches to add a touch of natural elegance to their special day.

Olive Branches in French Weddings : Symbolism and Significance

The significance of olive branches in French traditional weddings goes back centuries. During the Roman era, olive branches were used to crown brides and grooms as a symbol of peace, fertility, and purity. This tradition was then carried on by the Catholic Church during the Middle Ages, where olive branches were used as a symbol of purity and chastity. In the 19th century, the use of olive branches became widespread in French weddings, symbolizing hope and prosperity for the newlyweds.


Preserved Olive Branches

In addition to being a symbol of peace and hope, olive branches are also deeply rooted in French culture and history. France has a long history of olive cultivation, dating back to the ancient Greeks and Romans. Olive trees have long been revered in the Mediterranean region for their longevity and resilience, and the olive branch has become a symbol of the Mediterranean way of life, characterized by simplicity, authenticity, and warmth.

Today, olive branches remain a popular choice for French weddings, representing the timeless values of love, peace, and prosperity. They are often incorporated into wedding bouquets, table centerpieces, and other decorative elements. In recent years, the trend of using preserved olive branches in wedding decor has become increasingly popular, as they can be used long after the wedding day has passed as a reminder of the couple's special day.

Why Choose Preserved Olive Branches for Your Wedding?

Preserved olive branches have become increasingly popular in French weddings as a natural and elegant addition to various DIY projects, wedding favors, and decorations. One of the main advantages of using preserved olive branches is their long-lasting nature. Unlike fresh flowers or greenery, preserved olive branches do not wilt or dry out, meaning they can be ordered well in advance of the wedding day and used for multiple purposes without losing their beauty. This is particularly advantageous for busy couples who want to have everything prepared and ready ahead of time.


Another advantage of using preserved olive branches in wedding sachets or favors is that they can also serve as a meaningful and lasting memento for guests. As a symbol of peace, love, and unity, the olive branch is a perfect reminder of the joy and happiness shared during the wedding celebration. This makes it an ideal choice for couples who want their wedding favors to have a lasting impact on their guests. Additionally, preserving the olive branches not only enhances their durability but also maintains their natural beauty and freshness, making them a perfect choice for eco-conscious couples who value sustainable and environmentally friendly options.

French Wedding DIY : Ideas for Incorporating Preserved Olive Branches

Preserved olive branches have been a popular choice for French weddings due to their timeless beauty and cultural significance. Beyond being used as a simple decoration, olive branches have been incorporated into several aspects of French weddings.


Sachets of Sugared Almonds : Sachets of sugared almonds are a traditional French wedding favor given to guests as a thank-you gesture. The history of this tradition dates back to the Middle Ages, where it was believed that almonds represented good fortune, fertility, and longevity. The sugared coating on the almonds was added to symbolize the sweetness of life, and the bitterness of the almond was a reminder that life is not always sweet. Today, these sachets are typically made with tulle or organza fabric and are tied together with ribbon, often adorned with preserved olive branches. Shop Preserved Olive Branch DIY Kit

Charming Wedding Favors : Preserved olive branches are commonly used in French wedding favors as a symbol of peace, love, and friendship. They are often tied to small gifts such as candles, soaps, or chocolates to add a touch of natural elegance. Guests are given these favors as a token of appreciation for attending the wedding and to remind them of the special day they shared with the happy couple.

Symbolic Wedding Decor with Olives : Olive branches are a popular choice for wedding decorations in France, as they are believed to represent peace and harmony. They can be used in a variety of ways, from centerpieces to aisle markers. They add a touch of natural beauty and bring a sense of calmness and serenity to the wedding atmosphere. Preserved olive branches are especially practical for wedding decorations, as they can be used for a longer time and require little maintenance. Buy Preserved Olive Branches Now